Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Pink & Purple Princess Tea Party

I cannot believe my baby girl just turned 4! I'm a bit overwhelmed with emotion to how quickly it has gone by and how quickly I know it will continue to go. Yesterday I looked through a bunch of her baby pictures and I felt like I was so busy through her toddler years that I have almost forgotten how stinking cute she has always been. She has always had a princess personality in both the good and bad ways. I regret to have always focused a bit too much on the negatives. So today I am just so grateful to have had a real royal baby born, at home, into my family. I'm grateful for her sweetness, her attachment to me, her eyes that still catch me off guard when mine meet them and everything good she brings to our family. I am in love with her and so blessed by the privelage of being her mom!

So at her request, almost a year ago, A Pink & Purple Princess Tea Party was the decided event for her big day! (actually first it was just a tea party , then the color was added later, then the word princess and then mommy decided the name was too long and she had to stick to what it was). This was her first ever party and she has been dreaming about it since she turned 3. I have to admit I too was excited and have been grabing little items for it since all the frilly stuff went on sale after Easter. The party was perfect and I will let the pictures tell the story...

first a BIG THANK YOU to my Glorious Friend Glory for ALL her help in making Adison's first party perfect!!!! Well, maybe I helped her - either way we make a great team!

I have had this little table outside for a long time waiting to be repainted and since it was due for a painting anyway - we just painted it to match. I'm sure i will regret that soon. But Adison loves it - so maybe not.
Everything was all ready and these girls were SO EXCITED to get started!

Adia and her best friends Sydney and Danielle were all decked out and ready to host the party.
They did an AWESOME JOB. And were such good sports about it all - even when I asked them to teach the girls how to dance like a princess. Danielle was quick to tell Adia to leave that part to her... too funny!

Our first guest arrived and was quick to find the party hats

This little princess was best dressed for sure!

Once all the guests arrived and got their fingers and toes painted (by Adia and crew)

we sat down for a nice little tea party lunch. Adison was in heaven!
BEAUTIFUL Brooke (Tammy's middle child)

that was followed by a the pinata

Then we made princess wands and went outside to give them a whirl!

we sang Happy Birthday
And there were some presents... later she said that was her favorite part
(of course)



The Holyoaks said...

What is it with little girls and tea parties? Macy has been begging for a "butterfly princess tea party" for her birthday this year. I was planning on fingernail painting too so you will have to tell me if that was a good idea or not! Love the ribbon hanging from the ceiling. So whimsical!

The McGraths said...

So cute Amy! I swear I hear what you say about her but Adison just TUGS on my heart strings! She is so precious! Happy Birthday Princess!

Gpa Paul said...

Glad to see we have sworn off those over the top parties. ..... Looked fun and she really enjoyed it. Whats more, she deserves it. Sweet princess.

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

Pinkalicious, Purplelicious Princess Par-tay!!! You & your "Glorious" friend DO make a great team! It looked even more fabulous in person...such details...& obvious the Princess was happy! Good job!

Rochelle said...

Happy Birthday pretty girl! Hope your day was super fun! Pretty party mom!

The Horners said...

Princess indeed! I love her expression in every picture... she knows it was all about her! This gets me excited for what the future holds! Cute party!

The Millers said...

So adorable! She is definitely the prettiest little princess around! Happy Birthday Adison!

karen garner said...

Oh my gosh - how absolutely delightfully gorgeous precious pictures!!!! Pink & Purple galore!! What an awesome family you have... WE MISS YOU :~)

Winnie said...
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Winnie said...

So cute~ Happy birthday Adison : )
Miss you Amy~

Shantel said...

How fun!! What cute ideas and such cute pictures!!!

maryAnne said...

You did such a good job on Adison's b-day party! It is the cutest princess tea party i have ever seen:)

Bassetts said...

Love, Love, LOVE IT! What a cute idea and such fun decorations. Adison is such a beauty. I love her eyes, too. Happy Birthday Princess!