Monday, September 6, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Carter

Kyle's little brother Ty got married to such a sweet and beautiful girl recently. My family felt super lucky to have known about her since the very begining and to see our hopes for them come true on their special day. Ty seems like he will be such an awesome hubby and Christi will be the sweetest and cutest wife for sure! They are a true match made in heaven and we are so happy for them! (oh and if either of you read this please know that i had a wedding gift for you on time but I left it home... I will send it to you this week)

Here is the gorgreous couple on the windy wedding day!

And here is Kyle's crazy, amazing, HUGE, really good looking family!

And although it was all about Ty and Christi - we did get to spend time with lots of family due to the big event. Most importantly we got to meet our newest nephew...

Roman Carter Holyoak.

He is so cute! And his mom seems very aware of how lucky she is to be his mom! Congrats again Jill! Thanks for giving me niece/nephew #30!


The Holyoaks said...

I should have taken your approach to blogging about Ty's wedding. Much shorter and much sweeter! Thanks for the shout out! You're right . . . I do know how blessed I am to be the mom of my sweet, sweet boy!

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

We are a crazy bunch, but you did know that way before you agreed to become a part of this crazy family...not sure Christi has it figured out yet. They are adorable, aren't they? :)

Gpa Paul said...

Three wonderful additions to the family this year. We are truly lucky (blessed) people.

karen garner said...

Beautiful family, beautiful pictures and lots of beautiful memories!!!