Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Although Kyle was in Brazil over Father's Day we couldn't just skip it all together... He is way to good of a dad not to get a bit of attention for it! Here are just a few highlights from our late Father's Day celebration.

When daddy got home he was handed 8 tickets. Each ticket had one of the following words/phrases on it: family movie, movie with mom, dinner, dessert , devotions, tuck in time, bath time and presentation for you! He was told to put them in the order he would like the evening to go in, sit on the couch and be prepared to do nothing.

Here are some pictures of the fun...
He picked bath time first, followed by a family movie.

Next was dinner.

(which was Adison singing You belong with me and the big 3 doing a little Father's Day rap)

They are capable of being so much cuter but I feel like a bad mom if I don't let the kids help.
Adia made this plate for him about 5 years ago and we still put it to good use.

Next was devotions, tuck in time and then we fell asleep nice and cozy on the couch during the redemption of his movie with mom ticket.

It was a fun night for an awesome dad who our family is beyond blessed to be led by!

For discussion box that night the question was tell us your top 3 things you love about your dad... to end this I think I will list as many of them as I can remember.

Adia - He takes good care of us, He taught me to snow board and he is a very kind person.

Avery - He works hard, he loves me and he plays with me.

Kenyon - He fights me, he is funny and he loves me.

Adison - I am a princess, daddy is a prince and I love daddy!

Kaden - Daddy's truck

Mom - He is truly a good person and such a great example to our children.

He loves Jesus and follows him well.

He is very patient which serves the children and I well!


Rochelle said...

He looks so tired. Can't wait to hear the detail of his trip.

The Horners said...

You're so creative and good at doing the things that mean the most. Kyle is a good dad! Happy Father's Day KyKy!

Dacia said...

I never cease to be amazed at what an incredible mom and wife you are! Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us and I second what a great dad Kyle is!

Adam and Jessica said...

Super cute! I love all the cute things you did for fathers day!

Rick and Leah said...

You are so creative. This was such a cute idea. I'll have to steal it when the kids get a little older :) We think Kyle is a great Dad too. Happy belated Father's Day big brother!

Grandma Howell said...

A very busy family with a very creative mom and active dad! what wonderful family memories you are creating and family values. So proud of all of you.