Monday, June 14, 2010

So Busy...

Although I feel like I have blogged a ton lately there a quite a few things I don't want to leave out... after all this blog has become my journal. So here are a few fun things we have been up to.

While Kristen and Mike were getting to know Baby Mike at the hospital we got to hang out with big sister Taylor. We had a lot of fun with her and she fit right into our crazy household.

If you give a Kenyon a paint brush, he will invite Adison to join him, who will then invite Kaden and a baby to finger paint and a simple art project for Kenyon and Adison turned into finger painting for the little ones.
and of course that turned into water play for all! Oh and it was actually really cold outside - the kids were purple by the time I forced clean up/bath time.

We poisoned 3 bunnies who we watched slowly die - very traumatizing (except for Kenyon who was begging to cut into one to see it's heart and brains). Thankfully we found a new little bunny and nice bunny hutch so this one can't get out and eat the poisonous flowers in our backyard. This new little one is super sweet!

Avery is turning into quite the little helper these days and a bit like Jeckel and Hyde (sp???). She can be the sweetest big sister ever and in an instant she can be so vicious with her words and expressions. But in pictures I will focus on the positive side of who she is!
It's pretty cool that Kaden has been able to ride a razor scooter well since about 18 months. But the night before Kyle left for Brazil his tricks ended with an ER trip.

taken on Kyle's blackberry while waiting for the stitches. He was in such a good mood and being so goofy while he waited. Of course that all ended with they wrapped him like a burrito and sewed him up!

6 stitches and a few days later...

Aunt Stacey is here right now babysitting me. We are having a great time chatting into the wee hours of the night (as in I only got 3 hours of sleep last night) and managing our crazy kids during the day. It's fun to see how close they are getting. DJ, Adison and Kenyon get along so well while Gavin and Kaden just hurt eachother and cause problems when let in a room at the same time - total seperation for them!

a rare moment of peace for these two... food really helps that.

Summer Sun means lots of nakedness, outside time and of course sticky kids covered in juicy watermelon! Yum!

My flash is broken right now and you can see by the awful lighting that this was taken in the evening. I had actually put both of these trouble makers to bed and after hearing a few giggles around 10:30 I go upstairs to find this!

Today was Day 1 for our church's annual Arts Camp. Adia is now officially a shepard rather than a sheep... meaning she is a leader instead of a kid participating. She was an amazing little leader at camp!
Grandma and Papa came to take Adia to the Western States Horse Show.

Adia and Ashley cowgirled up!

Papa & Kaden
And of course she talked Papa into taking her to Joe's Crab Shack for a nice/nasty dinner. Daddy will be so proud!

Our princess is in full bloom and this is her official response to "Adiosn smile for the picture". IT always icludes putting her hands together, blinking non-stop and if she is standing one leg always has a pointed little foot. Funny side note on that picture... when Avery saw it she says "Mom, why does she always do that when you take her picture?" me -"well, she thinks she is a princess" Avery - "why, her moms not a queen and her dads not a king".... avery is always so to the point.
Daddy may be gone but I NEVER sleep alone! Not that I am opposed to sleeping alone - I'm just not given the luxury and to be honest I kind of like it! I love waking up to a bed full of cute and clean little monsters. It makes me smile when I am getting ready to see all of them hurled all over my bed. Plus if it were empty then I would be all the more thinking who is supposed to be there and I miss Kyle enough without that. :)
Both of the next 2 pictures are taken the same day... they are just on opposite sides of the bed. I was somewhere in the middle.

Volleyball season is over... we made these treats for the team's last game. Adia really LOVED her team this year and is going to miss the girls a bunch. They are all older than her and will be moving up to an older team next year.

There are a few more things I want to put on here but for now these will do because the othe stuff deserves a whole post.


Rochelle said...

cookies and poo in the same post. hmmmmm...

Amy and Family said...

Rochelle's comment makes sense... I deleted something I had debated putting on here. :)

The Holyoaks said...

Wish we could have some of that Summer weather. So far it has been a very wet Spring! I can't believe you can sleep with your kids in your bed. Although it is cute and fun to snuggle, I absolutely cannot fall asleep and get smacked in the face a million times. It's a morning ritual to watch cartoons in my bed though. It's good because it forces me to get up if I don't want to keep getting kicked and smacked and poked.

The Horners said...

I love all of these pictures! Adison cracks me up! Such a girlie girl and I love it!

Kaden is gonna have one nasty scar! Hopefully it heals up nicely!

Looks like you're doing well without Kyle. Lots of people to keep you entertained!

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

Awe...makes me think of crazy good times with the MidCart Bunch...except for the crowded bed. I'm good for an early morning snuggle, but I'm way too selfish with MY sleep. I just couldn't function the next day with all their craziness (X 10) without a decent night's sleep. Stay busy & hopefully they'll stay out of "serious" trouble...I'm not talking about a few stitches here & there. :)

Dacia said...

We miss you guys! Thanks for sharing all these "fun" happenings.

Gpa Paul said...

So much going on. Nice to see Kaden's 1st (of many) stitches. tough boy. Lots of summer fun coming.

Rick and Leah said...

There are so many fun things going on over there. Love all the water pictures. How fun to have Stacey come. We miss her :) And of course you guys too. You are such a good wife to send your husband out of the country all the time