Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lake Shasta w/out a boat?

When people hear we are going to Lake Shasta and we no longer have a boat they often ask "What are you going to do?" Well, if you really want to know...

We will...

Stand in awe of our Creator!

Spread love!
Pose for lots of pictures!

Play with fire!

Look cute!

Hang out with princesses!

Wonder how our little girl got so big!

Get some life insurance!

Splash around with family!
Check the market!

Build memories that will last forever!

Learn about animals!

Try to catch dinner!

Work on being a team and following directions!

Learn about force and gravity!

Enjoy some good BBQ!


Play ball!

Go on adventures!
Thank God for our family!

and over all we are just going to have a good time and come home refreshed and so thankful for such a wonderful place to go stay, such a beautiful world to live in, such great family to spend time with and such an amazing Father in heaven who provides us so much more than we need!

Now do you get it?


The Millers said...

And Thank God for my sister and her wonderful photography skills. Awesome pictures. Had sooo much fun with you guys! Can't wait to do it again (and thanks to Kyle's parents for the Kyaks!)

Rochelle said...

How pretty it is!

The Horners said...

Adia looks so old in that first picture of her with Kaden and Avery. I wish we had a place like that to go to around here! Looks like fun!

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

Wow! Every time we've been up there, the lake had very little water in it! I love how the water comes so close to the house. Truly, family fun at it's finest! Glad you guys had such a great time. You are providing memories that will last their life time & building endearing family relationships. (Welcome home, Stacey...we have all missed you!)

Adam and Jessica said...

How fun! I love all your little ones! They are as cute as can be!

Grandma Howell said...

Building family memories and family ties and a beautiful place to do it.

Gpa Paul said...

Yes, I get it. Shasta is certainly a fun place for memories.

Rick and Leah said...

Looks like there is tons to do in Shasta! I think my favorite is the BBQ pic. How did she taste?