Monday, June 7, 2010

Last PCS Field Trip :(

I got to join Adia's class on the last field trip for the year. They went to a park in Folsom that had a great bike trail and also a large grassy area where they could fly the new kites they had just made at school. Although she won't be going back to the school again in the fall (i think) it was a huge blessing for us to have her there this past semester and we will miss these wonderful and super fun kids for sure!
Ready for the ride!

Adia & Kylee getting ready to ride...
none of the girls wore their helmets until the very last minute!
Adison and I had a great time hanging out and playing at the park while the big kids went on the bike ride. It was so fun to be with her without any of her siblings for most of the day. She was SO GOOD and it encouraged me as a mother to see her obey so well and be so kind!

Plus, who wouldn't enjoy hanging out with this super cutie who thinks she is a real princess and LOVES having her picture taken. I have said it many times that this girl is so pretty on the outside but not so much on the inside - well, not on this trip! She was an angel!

The class had fun flying the kites they made.

They did a fun team building exercise where you get all knoted up with eachother and have to undo the knot without letting go of eachother. Fun to watch for sure! And Adia is always so animated!

Of course my little tomboy started a water fight with a friend!

And she may look like she is getting old but she's still a fun loving little girl who loves to play at the park and get pushed on the tire swing!
5th grade girls RULE!

Thanking God for a safe trip and for the good food one of the moms brought for everyone!
We will miss Providence Christian for sure... Adia's class was so fun and so perfect for what we needed in this crazy season of our life!
Thank you Mrs. Sept for being the best teacher Adia has ever had!


Grandma Howell said...

Looks like Adia had a successful, fun filled school year. That girl is simply amazing. She is beautiful inside and out! And I love her!!!!

The Millers said...

Cute! Fun to see Adia with her class!

The Holyoaks said...

I totally remember being this age. How weird is that? She is growing up way too fast!

The Horners said...

Yes, she IS growing up way too fast!

Adison is SUCH a princess! Love it!

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

Holy Bikes!!! That's a lot of bikes for one field trip! Looks like a fun class party. Love the pic of Adison on the fun!

Gpa Paul said...

She seemed to love being with so many friends. Very social little girl. I think Adison is beautiful inside and out. she always is to me.

Rick and Leah said...

How sweet. Adia looks like she had a blast with those kids. Glad she could make so many friends. Adison is quite the princess...what a beautiful girl