Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Adison 9.11.11

Last year we did a big party for Adison so she is on a break from those for a couple years. On the non party years you still get a special date with mom and dad and then a little fun with siblings at home. She even got a one on one movie date with dad before dinner. She was just as excited as the year before when we had a big princess party. Makes me wonder why I ever do those anyway?

We sure love having a 5 year old princess in our family!

She really is such a sweet little girl and adds so much to our family. I love her sensitive nature and her desire to do what is right. We love her endless cuddles and even her monsoon moments. Listening to her sing and watching her dance are daily joys. And if ever I need a glass of water or a small favor there is one kid I know will always be happy to do me the favor - my sweet Adison! Can't believe she is 5... where does the time go?


McBride Family said...

she is so cute, as are all your children! happy birthday adison!

Gpa Paul said...

She sure is the princess/cutie. Happy bday Adison