Monday, January 30, 2012

Introducing Maddie

Safe Families is a program Kyle and I, and several friends from church, fell in love with over a year ago at a Home For Good Conference. After hearing about how this ministry provides Safe Homes for children while mom or dad deal with crisis situations our hearts were pulled and we were ready to go out of our comfort zone.

After the initial work of getting the ministry going at our church and doing the paper work, in late November we got the e-mail saying a little 1 year old girl would need to be cared for for a 6 month period of time - without even talking to Kyle I said YES! In fact I texted my friend who heads the ministry "we want her" immediately. Thankfully I was able to get to know mom a bit and spend some time with her and baby Maddie before the move in date which was December 9th. It was a VERY hard transition for her but I am happy to report that just under 2 months later Maddie is happy and doing so well! An added bonus is that mom is going to be able to be reunited with her little girl early and they will be back together February 21st!

Here she is the day after she took 20 steps... she waited so long to finally walk she was a pro on day 2. When she just crawled around all the time it wasn't as obvious how long the pants were. But she's a chunk of baby and needs size 2 to fit those thighs. Now we have to wear shoes with those ones or wear the tighter legging type of pant so she doesn't get her feet caught in them.

This experience has been difficult for a couple reasons and wonderful for many! My kids are doing SO WELL with her and watching their hearts make room for her and feel compassion for Maddie has been so beautiful. It's also been fun to start building relationships with other members of her family and we are excited to see where God takes us with this.


The Holyoaks said...

I totally understand chunky thighs! Roman is a beast. This perfectly describes my clothing dilemma with him. I'm glad you guys are enjoying Maddie. She is precious and you are doing a wonderful thing.

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

She is a cutie!