Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shasta September 2011

I want to at least highlight a few of the really fun things our family did during 2011 before I move onto 2012.

This picture was taken during our Shasta trip with my sister Tammy's family. It was SO FUN to be there with them and watch our kids hang out on the lake together and ride quads around exactly where we did as kids.

And here is a picture of my sisters beautiful kids. No they do not all have different fathers and no none were adopted.

Highlights from the trip were Kenyon, Adison and Avery all getting up on wake boards and knee boards. Adia wake skating for the first time. And although you couldn't pay me to show a picture of it Tammy and I got on the tubes to provide the days entertainment... I have NEVER seen all of our kids (and husbands) laughing so hard. BTW - it was nowhere near as fun as I remember!

Here is Adison on the kneeboard
We all wondered if she would be smiling after the fall - and she did!
For all my other kids that wouldn't be a big deal but for this little princess it really was... I was so proud of her for trying something new. She did great!

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Gpa Paul said...

O yes it is fun, just do it more often. Shasta is such a fun place